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Cheesman Deckers Fishing Report

Jan 16, 2017

Similar to the Dream and 11 Mile Canyon, Deckers is fishing great. The Midge hatches, which are occuring during the warmest part of the day are creating some fantastic fishing using emerging midge patterns. Try drowning your favorite Midge adult if you notice that fish are feeding just under the surface.  Nymph the deep slow runs, but don't neglect the seams and fast water themselves during peak feeding times.


  • Rojo Midge, Red, black, purple, #20-24
  • Top Secret Midge, Brown, #22-24
  • Bling Midge, Dorseys Mercury Beatis, #20-24

Previous Cheesman Deckers Fishing Reports

Dec 13, 2016

Deckers might be the most productive fishing right now on the South Platte. The flows are at 64 c.f.s, and we have heard some of our customers reporting solid days both on the river and in Cheesman Canyon. 

 The dry fly action has been somewhat unpredictable with some great BWO hatches one day, and very little the next. Nymphing is more consistent, but the flies need to be in the 20-24 sizes to have any success.


  • Rainbow Warriors, #22-24
  • Sparkle Wing RS2s, Olive, #20-22
  • Black Beauties, #20-24
  • Midge Adult, #20-24

Oct 1, 2016

The flows at Deckers have been above 400 for weeks; however they dropped to 367 on 10/5. The water is clear and the fishing has been good.

Try nymphing the quicker riffles and runs with a 2 fly nymph rig. Lead with a pink San Juan worm trailed by a black RS2 or Barr's BWO emerger. Remember, if fish are in fast water you can almost be certain that they are feeding. Energy in vs. Energy out.


Sep 1, 2016

Fishing has been sporadic at Deckers lately. Currently the flows are at 281 cfs, which is right in line with the historical average. During the morning look to nymph in the riffles and deeper pools. Later in the day, as you start to see surface activity, switch to a dry dropper.

Crowds have been heavy, especially on weekends. Caddis larva, sparkle wing RS2s, and terrestrials have all been working well. Bang the banks with an Amy's Ant using a red Copper John as a dropper. If nymphing, lead with a pink San Juan Worm trailed by a black Rs2 or Graphic Caddis.


  • Trico Spinner, Black, Olive, #22-24
  • RS2, Black, Gray, #20-24
  • San Juan Worms, #14-18
  • Graphic Caddis, #16-18
  • Girdle Bug, #14-16

Aug 1, 2016

The fishing at Deckers has been great. Flows are hovering around 275 cfs and the water clarity is superb. Trico hatches have been hit or miss, but you can count on seeing an emergence of PMDs and Caddis. Fish are definitely looking up, but nymphing a pink San Juan Worm followed by a black Rs2 will most likely produce more fish.

As the nymphing slows in the afternoon tie on a big hopper and a red Copper John and send it into the slow water along the banks and behind structure. If you're lucky an opportunistic trout may pounce at the chance for an afternoon meal.


Jul 22, 2016

Deckers/Cheeseman is at 257 cfs. Much like the other sections of the South Platte, Deckers/Cheeseman is fishing fantastic. Focus on fishing the banks and slow runs with streamers or heavy nymph rigs. Try small brown midges, soft hackles, hares ears, and San Juan worms.

An ideal nymph rig for those picky fish might be a Rainbow Warrior trailed by a Chocolate Foam Back Emerger. Either of those flies could be replaced with a Buckskin Caddis and a Graphic Caddis.


Jul 2, 2016

The flows at Deckers and Cheeseman are currently at 365 cfs. The fish are taking the Graphic Caddis like there never gonna eat another Caddis again. Make sure you have plenty of them in your fly box before heading out.

Try fishing a tandem nymph rig leading with a san juan worm followed by that Graphic Caddis or a Flashback Pheasant Tail.


Jun 7, 2016

The fishing at Deckers has been fair lately. Flows are up around 410 c.f.s. and big bugs and scuds are the name of the game. Look for fish trying to escape the faster water by fishing slow back eddies and areas close to the banks.

Try leading with a girdle bug followed by an orange scud or rainbow warrior. A hare's ear would make a great third bug if you're feeling up to fishing a triple nymph rig.


Apr 1, 2016

It’s Girdle Bug time at Deckers. Before you go make sure you have a few in the fly box. The flows were bumped up last week to 260 cfs and have been holding steady. Fish that Girdle Bug with an emerging Baetis like a Barr’s Emerger or JuJu Baetis trailing it. If you want to triple up try tying on an emerging midge behind the Baetis.

We recommend a brightly colored midge like a Chartreuse Juju Bee. Make sure you have your dry fly box stocked as well. The Blue Winged Olive hatches have been very productive.


Mar 1, 2016

Deckers is benefiting from a flow of 100 cfs, which is well above the monthly average of 55-60 cfs. Fish long leaders with 5x and 6x fluorocarbon tippet. Nymphing in the morning is most productive with trout sporadically rising to midges during the warmest part of the afternoon.

Try leading with a bright fly like a pink san juan worm or an egg pattern, and trailing a u.v. emerger or chocolate foam back emerger behind. A Griffiths gnat might fool the rising trout.


Jan 1, 2016

The flow at Deckers is 105 CFS, this is a much higher winter flow than the historic average of 55-60 CFS for this time of year. At a lower elevation than many parts of the South Platte, Deckers has warmer temperatures, less ice, less wind, but heavier crowds for winter fishing. The fishing has been inconsistent and weekend crowds make it harder to fish the deep holes where the fish are holding.

Make sure to use long leaders, small indicators, and fluorocarbon 5/6x tippet. Nymphing in the morning hours is most productive with trout sporadically rising to tiny midges during the warmest parts of the afternoon.